Privacy Policy For customers and business partners

Z Trading Co., Ltd.

Z Trading Company Limited is the controller of your personal data. (hereinafter referred to as “we”) attaches great importance to the protection of your personal information as our business partners. by this privacy policy for customers and business partners Describe how we collect, use and/or disclose your personal information. Individual customers, corporate customers/juristic persons and authorized personnel Responsible employees, managers, directors, shareholders of business partner entities and other contacts of business partners (collectively, “You”) and informs you of your rights in relation to the protection of personal data.

We collect, use and/or disclose your personal information. Since we have a current business relationship with you. or may have a relationship with you for future business or because we have a relationship with a business partner that you work to perform on your behalf or represent

we value Respect your rights and are committed to protecting your right to privacy. This Privacy Policy describes in detail the types of information we collect from you. How we use or disclose information Who do we share information with? What rights do you have and how can you exercise them? and how we protect your personal information, etc.

We encourage you to read this Privacy Policy carefully. including terms and conditions For the benefit of your use and protection of your personal information as well. When you use the website or we request information from you in any way, or you voluntarily submit personal information. of yours to us You may refer to this Policy at any time. and it is deemed that you have agreed and agreed to this policy

In addition, this policy applies only to persons who have reached the age of 20. In the case of persons under 20 years of age, minors, quasi-incompetent persons. Legally incapacitated, please obtain the written consent of your parent, guardian, guardian before submitting any information to us. We do not collect, use or disclose information. including taking any action on information of persons under 20 years of age, minors, quasi-incompetent incompetent without all written consent

1. Who are we?
This Privacy Policy applies to personal data collected by Z Trading Co., Ltd. as a data controller.

Contact address : Z Trading Co., Ltd. No. 50 Sukhumvit 21 Road, Asoke Sub-district, Khlong Toei Nuea Sub-district, Watthana District, Bangkok 10110

2. Definition
Personal Data means information about an individual that enables an identifiable person either directly or indirectly. but does not include information of the deceased in particular

Sensitive Personal Data means certain types of personal data that are sensitive and that are at risk of being used to discriminate against unfairly, including race, ethnicity, political opinions. cult religion or philosophy sexual behavior Criminal records, health information, disability, union information Genetic data, biological data, or any other information which affects the owner of personal data in a similar manner as specified in the notification of the Personal Data Protection Committee.

Business Partner means Partner, Vendor, Supplier, Distributor, Dealer, Logistics Service Provider.

3.Personal information we collect
We will collect your general personal information as follows:

1. Personally identifiable information such as name, surname, ID card number. Copy of ID card Copy of house registration Date of birth, age, gender

2. Contact information such as address, contact place telephone number Mobile phone number Fax E-mail Line ID

3. Financial information such as payment information Account information and bank account numbers Tax Identification Number

other information necessary to achieve the contractual objectives
In addition, we will not collect or request sensitive personal information from you under any circumstances. If we need to collect sensitive personal data from you We will ask for your consent with a clear indication of the purpose for which it will be used or disclosed. to let you know before you consent to the provision of sensitive personal data to us

4. Sources of personal information
We collect your personal information through a number of channels, including the following:

When you purchase a satellite box purchase transaction Android set-top boxes and accessories via
Application GMMZ TV, Z SmartHome.
Line Official GMMZ
Our store on Online Market Place Platform : Lazada, Shopee and JD.
directly from you, for example when you do business with us or sign a contract or fill out a form when you interact with us including interactions through our website Communicating via email, telephone, questionnaires, business cards, postage, during meetings and events or when we meet with you.
from business partners that you work for, act on your behalf, or represent
from GRAMMY group companies and subsidiaries or third parties such as other business partners of the Company.
from third parties who have the lawful right to disclose your personal data

5. Purpose of processing personal data
We collect your personal information for the following purposes.

for delivery as well as monitoring the delivery status according to the delivery address you specified We will use or disclose your name, surname, address, mobile phone number. of yours to our partners who provide logistics services
To send product information, promotions, news, online ads, marketing activities As you have given your consent to receive information from us
Use or disclose your name, surname, address, telephone number. mobile phone number Fax numbers, e-mails, for communications between us and you in connection with collaboration or joint business partnerships, such as communicating via document submission, answering questions, responding to requests or reporting on progress. action
Use or disclose your name, surname, mobile phone number, e-mail address to the Media Agency for news reporting. as you have given us your consent
Use or disclose your personal information in order to assess your suitability and eligibility to qualify as a business partner. Verifying your identity and business partner status due diligence or other forms of background checks or a risk assessment for you and your business partners (including reviewing publicly available information from law enforcement and/or from job abandoners lists); issuing bid requests; Bidding / Bidding Entering into contracts with you or business partners Opening a customer account credit limit consideration customer base management Arrangement of purchase contracts, employment contracts, employment contracts and other contracts related to business Assessing your management and business partners
Use or disclose your personal data in planning, conducting and managing relationships and contractual rights with business partners, such as determining, appointing, terminating, or authorizing business partners for various transactions. or ordering products or services payment processing Account-related activities audit billing and collection Management of transportation and delivery (Logistics) support services.
use or disclose your personal information to related parties as well as perform other management to achieve the contract objectives successfully, etc.
To comply with internal policies and applicable laws, including regulations, rules and guidelines (for example, to obtain a license to conduct business as required by law), and to coordinate or contact with relevant government agencies, courts or authorities. (e.g. the Revenue Department, Royal Thai Police and the Office of the Auditor-General), including investigations, complaints, and/or crime or fraud prevention.
for dealing with disputes such as Dispute Resolution enforcing the contract Establishing a statutory claim Establishing, exercising or raising a statutory claim including authorization

6. How do we process your personal data?
Once we have received your personal information We will do the following with your personal data.

We will collect it in our Cloud Server and Backup Database with appropriate personal data protection measures. and has a system to prevent illegal access (Access Control)
Only those authorized by us will take your personal data into consideration for the stated purpose To open an account page or create a partner account in our system that is effective and has standards for data security. Such a system will have a LOG RECORD which is a record of events caused by the use of the system such as who was accessed, when and what information was accessed. but cannot be edited or changed
We will store it in our Cloud Server and Backup Database with appropriate personal data protection measures. and has a system to prevent illegal access (Access Control)
When finished Our paper documents are kept in a secure location in a filing cabinet with a key lock and only the person in charge can hold the key. As well as such paper documents will be scanned to keep as a PDF File into our database. Such a database is a restricted access system. Only authorized persons can access the database system.
We will keep your sensitive personal information strictly confidential. and will not reveal to anyone except for the prevention or suppression of danger to life, body or health or other cases as stipulated in Section 26 of the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562
We will keep your personal information confidential and will not disclose it to anyone. unless necessary We will disclose your personal information. Only as necessary, appropriate in the case and in accordance with the law only, such as
Auditors, in the event that an external audit is required
subcontractor or subcontractor In the case of contract work
power of attorney or attorney In the event that there is a power of attorney to perform the contract
Insurance in the event of having insurance related to debt repayment under contract such as All risk Insurance, Cyber ​​Edge Insurance, Comprehensive & Property Damage Insurance, Credit Insurance, Fidelity Insurance, etc.
Bank in the case of payment, collecting money, debiting via bank account, etc.
Revenue Department to clarify income For tax legal purposes such as VAT, WHT, etc.
Government agencies such as the Department of Business Development to comply with the law on commerce Direct sales, direct marketing, customs department to comply with customs laws Consumer Protection Office to comply with consumer protection laws or courts in the event of an order or subpoena, etc.
We may also need to submit your personal information to a credit information agency for verification. and may use the results of verification of such information to prevent illegal activities.

We may need to transfer your personal data to foreign authorities or international organizations. only in relation to our business and have adequate safeguard measures for personal data and you can enforce the rights of the data subject. and have statutory remedial measures to be enforceable that are better than or equivalent to our standards.

7. How do we keep your personal information? and how long to keep?
We have the following methods of keeping your personal information.

1. Characteristics of personal data retention
In the case of receiving paper data – We will bring personal information received in paper form to compile in the Database system along with scanning our paper documents into an immutable PDF file that can be referenced. by the body unchanged Once the process has been compiled and scanned into a PDF file. We will store personal data in paper form in a secure filing cabinet and restrict access to authorized persons only.
In case of receiving digital information – we will store those information on our database immediately. Our database has a system to prevent unauthorized access. unauthorized access and adequate data protection measures consistent with established personal data protection laws
2. Storage location: Our Cloud Server and Backup Database system with limited access to authorized users only.
3. Storage period
We will retain your personal information for a reasonable and necessary period of time. and in accordance with the law as follows:

In the case of a customer, partner or business partner with us – we will keep your personal information. Include information that has been amended, changed or updated for the duration of the contract. and will be kept for another 5 years or according to the period specified by law whichever is due first
In case of Bidding for a job but not working or not working – We will keep your personal information for 1 year from the date of the end of the bidding process.
After the expiration of the period of storage of personal data as set forth above or we no longer have the right or inability to claim the basis for processing your personal data. We will destroy your personal data by means of deletion or anonymization within 30 days from the end of the storage and processing period.

8. Rights of the data subject
You have the right to process any of your personal data as follows:

1. Right to withdraw consent
If you have given us your consent to collect, use and disclose your personal information You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time during the period your personal data is with us. unless there is a limitation on that right by law or there exists a contract that benefits you.

However, withdrawing your consent may affect you. for your benefit Therefore, it is worthwhile to study/inquire about the impact before withdrawing the consent.

2. Right of access to personal data (Right of Access)
You have the right to access your personal data and ask us to make a copy of that personal data for you. Including asking us to disclose the acquisition of personal information that you have not given us consent for, for your privacy and security. We must ask you to prove your identity before providing the information you request.

3. Right to rectification of personal data
You have the right to request that we correct your personal data to be accurate, current, complete and not misleading.

4. Right to erasure personal data
You have the right to request that we delete or destroy your personal data. or make it non-identifiable information If you believe that your personal information has been unlawfully collected, used and disclosed or deem that we no longer need to maintain it for the purposes involved in this policy. or when you have exercised your right to withdraw your consent or exercise your right to object to data processing

5. Right to restriction of processing
You have the right to request that we temporarily suspend our use of your personal data. In the event that we are in the process of reviewing your request to exercise your right to rectify or object to the processing of your personal data or in the event that we are in necessity and have to delete or destroy your personal data in accordance with applicable law But he asked us to suspend the use instead.

6. Right to data portability
You have the right to obtain your personal data in the event that we have made it in a readable or generally usable format by means of an automated tool or device that can also use or disclose personal data. automatic method and has the right to request that we transmit or transfer personal data in such form to other data controllers that can be done by automated means. and have the right to obtain personal data that we transmit or transfer personal data in such form directly to another personal data controller Unless it is unable to do so due to technical reasons, we may reserve the right to refuse the exercise of your rights under this section. as we see fit

7. Right to object to the processing of personal data (Right to object)
You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. If the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information Made for our legitimate interests without exceeding the limits that you can reasonably expect Unless we can argue by law that it is more important than your fundamental rights. or is it for confirmation compliance with the law or fighting in legal action, as the case may be

You can contact our Personal Data Protection Officer. in order to submit a request for action under the above rights Contact details are as follows:

Personal Data Protection Officer

Ms. Pharaphat Niamthong

[email protected] Call 02-836-7101

Z Trading Co., Ltd.

No. 50, Sukhumvit 21 Road, Asoke, Khlong Toei Nuea Sub-district, Watthana District, Bangkok 10110

In addition, you can fill out the exercise form above. according to the file below

In this regard, you do not need to pay any expenses for the performance of the above rights. We will consider and notify you of the result of your request within 30 days from the date we receive the request.

9. Changes to Privacy Policy
We will review it regularly. To comply with guidelines and laws relevant regulations. We will notify you by updating information on our website as soon as possible. It was last reviewed on September 30, 2021.

10. Details of the personal data controller
Name: Z Trading Co., Ltd.
Contact address: 50 Sukhumvit 21 Road(Asoke), Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana District, Bangkok 10110
Contact channel Telephone : 02-669-9000
Personal Data Protection Officer details
Company Z Trading Company Limited
Name of the officer Ms. Pharaphat Niamthong
Contact address: 50 Sukhumvit 21 Road(Asoke), Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana District, Bangkok 10110
Contact channel Phone : 02-836-7101
Email: [email protected]

11.Details of regulatory agencies
In the event that we or our employees or employees violate or fail to comply with the law on protection of personal data You can complain to the supervisory authority. according to the details as follows

Name: Office of the Personal Data Protection Commission
Contact Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Digital for the economy and society
Contact channel Phone : 02-142-1033
Email : [email protected]

The time for contacting / complaining is in accordance with the law.

Last updated on September 30, 2021